THE RUSHMOOR CHOIR was founded in 1943  as the Aldershot Choral Society.

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Who We Are

THE RUSHMOOR CHOIR was founded in 1943  as the Aldershot Choral Society, but our members come from all around the area, including Hart and Waverley. We are a mixed (SATB) adult choir (including students) of 40-50 voices. We are a registered charity aiming to promote and sustain the choral traditions of our heritage. Our main … Continue reading Who We Are

What Do We Sing?

We perform three main concerts each year, encompassing a broad range of music throughout each season, mainly classical but we do venture into lighter popular music as well. We also sing, for a fee, at weddings and other odd occasions(!) so if you have a special occasion coming up where you’d like a choir to … Continue reading What Do We Sing?

Social Life

We have occasional social activities which are open to (but not a requirement for) all members and their non-singing partners: meet at the pub after rehearsal (every week) Christmas party post concert parties summer walk foreign exchanges with other European choirs We welcome suggestions for other activities, particularly if you can help with the organisation!